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Auto or Boat? Precision Electronics Has You Covered

When out on the lake or heading to work, a quality audio system can enhance your relax time as well as drown out the noise from your drive time. That’s where Precision Electronics comes in — delivering great audio, from small upgrades to complete overhauls, sits at the heart of what we do.

Car Audio Systems & Service

Whether you drive a newer model SUV or a "vintage" car, we can up your audio listening experience in countless ways. At Precision Electronics we maintain the necessary equipment and advanced products to coordinate a variety of devices to work as one — bringing a superior and useful listening experience to your everyday commute.

Many of today’s vehicles come equipped with a variety of above-basic features — from iPod sync to voice-activated commands — but when you want something more or need quality repairs, that’s where Precision Electronics comes into play.

  • Car Stereo Repair
  • Car Stereo Replacement
  • Car Stereo Upgrades
  • Custom Installation Services
  • Remote Car Starters
  • Device Integration (iPods, MP3 Players, Cell Phones, etc.)

We offer the best technology, products and quality installation for speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and stereo receivers.

What can each do for you?

Pair of black car audio speakers

Enhance car audio sound quality by replacing original speakers with quality aftermarket speakers. Once you let Precision Electronics assist with your audio needs, you’ll experience clear, vibrant, and evenly distributed sound — the way car audio was meant to be. Since vehicles differ, let our professionals help make these improvements. We can recommend products and provide expert installation for you.

Car audio amplifier

Whether blasting hard rock or enjoying talk radio, adding amplification creates a better sound quality and provides the power to get the most out of your speakers — no matter what your listening pleasure. What happens when you add more power? You improve your dynamic range, creating clearer sound across a wider range of volume levels. So when turning it up or turning it down, you’ll always get a better sound.

Car audio subwoofer

Most factory sound systems simply can't deliver the dramatic bass range that comes from a subwoofer. The vivid bass produced from a well selected and properly installed sub will create the sound and feel of a live show right in your car.

Achieving the high quality bass tone you want depends on power, space, sensitivity, voice coils, and other variables. At Precision Electronics we can assist you with selecting the perfect sub to match your vehicle and sound desires. We carry a large selection of amps and speakers.

Car audio stereo receiver
Stereo Receivers

Replacing the head unit — the stereo that fits into your car’s dashboard — is considered the most convenient way to integrate your Smartphone or MP3 player for in car. More often than not, it is also the most affordable. Professionally installing a head unit that integrates your devices into your car is an easy first step to getting the latest in new car technology — all without the hassle and cost of buying a new car.

There are a wide range of stereo receiver models, features, and price points available. Let Precision Electronics help you obtain and install the integration upgrade that makes the most sense for you.

Marine Audio Systems & Service

Across the land of 10,000 Lakes, our water toys are often as important as what we drive down the road.

Minnesota's summers are short and at Precision Electronics we know that every on-the-water weekend is precious. Based in the Alexandria Lakes Area, we have a heightened understanding for the importance of quality marine audio services.

Whether you enjoy your time on the water in a fishing boat, on a jet ski, or touring on a pontoon, our durable systems use top quality components, performance-tested equipment, and proven marine installation techniques. From new installs to repairs, our efficiency at Precision Electronics allows you to get back on the water faster.

Time on your boat often includes getting wet. Even with water splashing against the sides, we know you still want crisp marine audio — we can help with that. Relying on marine-specific speakers we can deliver power and clarity to cut through outside interference and withstand the harsh elements of wind and water.

Come check out our marine stereos and device integration systems — you’ll be blown away by our selection.

  • Boat / Marine Stereo System Upgrades
  • Boat / Marine System Replacements
  • Boat / Marine Stereo System Repair
  • Marine Amplifiers and Subwoofers
  • Battery Chargers
  • Marine Grade Components
  • Waterproof Radio Covers
  • iPod Waterproof Cabinet Docking Stations
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Custom Installation Services

Custom Installation

At Precision Electronics, we believe a great sound system goes far beyond a well-rated brand. We believe the most important aspect of any audio/video system comes with the installation. You can empty your pocketbook on a top-of-the-line custom sound system, but if it's not accompanied by expert installation, you may find yourself with numerous electrical issues.

Whether it's a top-shelf brand or a more affordable name, any audio system can be a great addition to your daily commute or recreational experience. Our expert installation technicians provide the services required to generate a defect-free listening experience.

Precision Electronics performs custom installation services to give you the results you deserve:

  • No mechanical or electrical interference with how the vehicle was originally intended to operate. This holds true for all machines we work on: trucks, cars, boats, etc.
  • Seamless integration into your vehicle or boat's interior.
  • Necessary steps to prevent equipment, wire and electrical damage. This includes heat shrinking electrical connections on marine installs to prevent corrosion, utilizing stainless steel hardware to prevent rust, and secure mounting techniques to prevent component damage.
  • Professional recommendations to provide improved operation or safety.
  • An easy, ready-to-use system that not only provides enhanced sound quality, but also will last until you decide to upgrade again.

Don’t wait any longer to make your systems the best they can be! Contact us or stop in today to get started with customizing your audio system.

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