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Delivering great audio, from small upgrades to total overhauls, is at the heart of what we do. We maintain the necessary equipment and sought-after products to coordinate a variety of devices to work as one, bringing a superior and useful listening experience to your everyday commute. Today's sophisticated vehicles may be equipped with a variety of advanced features, from iPod sync to voice-activated commands, but when you want something more or need stereo related repairs, that's where we come in:



Marine Audio Services
In the land of ten thousand lakes, our water toys are just as, if not more important, than what we drive down the road. Minnesota's summers are short and at Precision Electronics we know that every on-the-water weekend with friends and family is precious. Located and operating in the Alexandria Lakes Area gives us a heightened awareness and understanding for the importance of Marine Audio Services. Utilizing top-quality components, performance tested equipment and proven marine installation techniques allows Precision Electronics to get you back on the water and enjoying Minnesota's short summers to the fullest.



Custom Installation Services - Click to Expand/Collapse

At Precision Electronics we believe a great sound system goes far beyond a well-rated brand; we believe the most important aspect of any audio/video system is the in the installation. You can empty your pocketbook on a top-of-the-line custom sound system, but if it's not accompanied by expert installation you may find yourself with numerous electrical issues.

Any audio system, whether it's the top-shelf brand or a more affordable name, can be a great addition to your daily commute or recreational experience. Our expert installation technicians provide the install services required to generate a defect-free listening experience. We perform custom installation services in order to provide the results you deserve:


  • No mechanical or electrical interference with how the vehicle was originally intended to operate – this holds true for all machines we work on: trucks, cars, boats, etc.
  • Seamless integration into your vehicle's or boat's interior
  • Necessary steps to prevent equipment, wire and electrical damage - heat shrinking electrical connections on marine installs to prevent corrosion, utilizing stainless steel hardware to prevent rust, secure mounting techniques to prevent component damage
  • Professional recommendations to provide improved operation or safety
  • An easy, ready to use system that will not only provide enhanced sound quality but will last until you decide to upgrade again


Contact us to schedule an audio system install or to learn more about our custom installation services.


LifeSaver Ignition Interlock Systems - Click to Expand/Collapse
Our exceptional installation technicians at Precision Electronics have the experience and training necessary to provide accurate and safe installation of your vehicle's LifeSaver Ignition Interlock System. While the LifeSaver Ignition System is not a device you may have opted for, professional installation can provide seamless operation and assist you in successful program completion. At Precision Electronics we have the required tools and skills to make every component of your LifeSaver Ignition Interlock System work effectively. Upon completion of the program we can remove the LifeSaver System from your vehicle, restoring its original operating methods.


Remote Car Starters - Click to Expand/Collapse

One of the most embraced automotive technologies in cold-weather states is the remote car starter. When living in Minnesota's sub-zero winters a remote start system gives you the ability to start your vehicle without ever leaving the inside of your home or office. This technology is convenient and practical, allowing your vehicle's interior and engine to warm-up before you even get ready to leave. At Precision Electronics we can walk you through benefits and shortcomings of today's various remote car start systems. Working with you we can find a remote starter that meets your specific needs. From there our installation technicians can provide the custom installation required to provide optimal system performance. The market for remote car starters and systems is diverse, we offer the full line of Astro-Start products.

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